About iiDesk

iiDesk maintains databases, helps scheduling agendas for small and very large amounts of people, hosts communities and their individual agendas of 10.000 people and more. It does not matter if your workforce or community is small or large, if you want them to share, exchange and process a little or a lot of information in a secure and user friendly way via the Internet, we can help. Hosted software data processing, security, backup and other systems management occur on the server side and you only need a web browser and an Internet connection to work with your data from anywhere in the world. No more worrying about compatibility or support, it's always included with iiDesk.


Excellent searching and additional tools

The basic database screens with table and record views are supported by excellent sort and search capabilities. If your organization needs different views on databases for different purposes they are often delivered within the maintenance contract without any extra costs involved.

Built for the future

All pages are fully compliant with www standards and optimized for very fast, low bitrate, transmission to your browser. iidesk won't clog your network and it is usable with GPRS(GSM) speed connections.

No development costs, fixed pricing

One time setup fees for databases and fixed fees for maintenance based on clear parameters like database size, amount of users and bandwidth. E-mail us with details about your databases and workforce and we will deliver you an offer that clearly has no strings attached.


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The Netherlands


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